Commuting patterns have changed remarkably in Auckland depending on the location of the workplace, according to a Statistics New Zealand report released earlier this month.

The above interactive map shows the change in commuting patterns for every suburb(area unit) in the country.

Car use is still the predominant mode of commuting to work. Readers can switch between the layers of map using the options on upper right corner to see how this has changed since 2001.

The purpose of the interactive map is to help reveal changes in commuting patterns across the country.

Read the full Statistics NZ report - Commuting Patterns in Auckland:

For example, there appears to be an increase in the percentage of people using a private car to get to work in the areas of South Auckland.

Meanwhile, in Wellington, the use of public transport(bus, or train) is much higher than anywhere else in the country. Readers can see how this has changed in the city since 2001 by switching between the layers.

Another interesting pattern is the uptake of public transport in Auckland.

More than 1 in 4 people that worked in the CBD took public transport, compared with just under 1 in 12 people for the whole Auckland region, according to the Statistics NZ report.

The data for the maps is obtained from Statistics New Zealand's 2013 census mesblock data set.

Please share your thoughts on the interactive map and the patterns it reveals.