Household Climate Action Tool

How could your household help reduce climate change? This tool will give you facts about where greenhouse gas emissions typically come from in a kiwi household similar to yours and the actions that can make a difference.

Who lives in your household?
About how much does your household spend a year?


This tool was developed by Motu Economic and Public Policy Research from its research into New Zealand’s household consumption emissions. The research paper and documentation are available online. This project was undertaken through Motu’s programme “Shaping New Zealand’s Low-Emission Future” with funding by the Aotearoa Foundation. Specific funding for this tool came from generous donors at ChewyData,, the Tindall Foundation, NZ CCRI and Mighty River Power.

Access to the data used in this study was provided by Statistics New Zealand under conditions designed to give effect to the security and confidentiality provisions of the Statistics Act 1975. The results presented in this study are the work of researchers at Motu Economic and Public Policy, not Statistics New Zealand.