Where do you stand?

More and more people are talking about the growing imbalance between rich and poor. But what does it actually mean for you?

Just answer the two questions below to find out how much you earn compared to everyone else – and how much better (or worse) off you’d be in a more equal New Zealand…

Data from the calculator will be stored on an encrypted computer and used anonymously, when used for academic publication in the field of politics. Data will be destroyed after three years. The only people privy to the raw data from the calculator and survey will be Emily Beausoleil of Massey University and Max Rashbrooke of Victoria University.
We gratefully acknowledge funding for the original version of this calculator from the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services, and for the updated version from Dr Emily Beausoleil of Massey University.
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So what do you think?

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A higher top tax rate
The Living Wage
Higher benefits for the unemployed