Herald Insights is a data journalism website.

Data journalism uses data as a source for stories rather than anecdotes. Stories are told through text, interactive graphics and maps.

Herald Insights gives our readers the ability to dig deep into data that matters to New Zealanders.

Data-driven reporting in the past has been a slow process. Now extensive open data and the ability to analyse it on personal computers gives us the opportunity to make data part of the daily news cycle.

Innovative storytelling techniques are at the heart of data journalism. Writing code and doing statistical analysis is part of our journalistic process.

Herald Insights has been developed in the newsroom from scratch by programmer-journalist Caleb Tutty.

At Herald Insights we will not only present beautiful crafted visuals, the stories will also aim for a higher standard of statistical literacy.

We will give you context behind the data and help you understand the numbers driving the news.

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We have presented realtime election results for every polling booth, a visualisation showing the historical dominance of All Blacks, a tool to explore electoral donations and an interactive map showing religious diversity in every suburb of the country.

We want to hear your insights on these data stories - what did we miss, what did we not explore, how the data connects with your life and what we should look at next.

We hope that Herald Insights becomes a conversation between readers and journalists, as we try to understand various aspects of New Zealand society better.

We look forward to presenting you with data journalism at Herald Insights that is engaging, revealing and relevant.

-Harkanwal Singh, Data Editor